A little history

I was ushered into this world on the . Thankfully, Orwell was a writer rather than a psychic, so things have been pretty damn good so far. I graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a First Class degree in Internet Application Development, which makes me a Bachelor of Science. It sounds fancy, huh? Kinda describes what I do for a living too.

Nature versus nurture has always fascinated me; I wonder if I'm into computers and technology because of how I'm wired or... primarily due to computer games. A few years into my junior school, the technologically advanced Queens Inclosure (not that you can tell from their website), had a computer area installed. It was seen as a cool thing to be able to use these new toys well or perform tricks. And then there was the fact a version of Breakout was installed on them.

When arriving at secondary school, Horndean Technology College, I joined computer club, where one night a week we got to play loads of games on the networked PCs, the best being Cannon Fodder and Doom. Great fun. I was a bit surprised that most of my mates didn't attend as they all loved games too, but even more shocked to have the mickey taken for attending myself. Apparently, computers were seen as geeky rather than the coolest thing in the (pre-puberty) universe.

I'm lucky I can earn a good living doing something interesting. You can usually find me around the interwebs as abunchofletters. Except for the .com domain. Eesh.

A lot of geekery

This site is powered by Ruby on Rails, tickled into existence thanks to Sublime Text and iTerm2 on a Macbook Air. It is hosted by the fine folks at Digital Ocean, who offer bargainous bargains for SSD cloud servers. I'm honestly suprised at how fast it is for such a cheap price. As my personal playground it uses the latest and greatest in HTML5 and CSS3 so some parts might look or function differently depending on your browser or device. For the best experience, you should upgrade to the current version; however, as it should all degrade gracefully, the content itself is consistent and accessible.

For the font-fans, headings are rendered with League Gothic, whilst the body copy uses Droid Serif. Both are available free of charge. Isn't the web a wonderful place?